The Caves Of Nerja

The caves of Nerja are found four kilometers to the east of the resort. They are the main tourist attraction in Nerja. They attract hundreds of visitors annually. The caves were discovered by a group of boys from a neighbouring village called Maro. They climbed through a small hole as they were playing.

This hole led them to one of Europe‚Äôs greatest caves. Some paintings discovered in the caves are believed to be over twenty thousand years old. Classical music concerts are held in the caves on July first.

The Nerja caves are 4,823 meters long and have a volume of about 800,000 cubic meters. Twenty five percent of this area is available to the public. It provides more than enough space for visitor to appreciate the beauty of nature and geological wonder. The music festivals are held at the Sala de Cascada. Wonderful and weird shapes can be found at Sala de Los Fantasmas. Sala Del Cataclismo has an incredible view too. The final chamber is about fifty meters wide and hundred meters long. Stalactites come down from above thirty meters high. This is the longest stalactite ever discovered. It has thirty two meters length.  This entire area has many superb 2 Nerja apartments available to rent

On the roundabout of the main coast road just after the sugar mill, the way to the cave is well marked.  Ample parking is provided when you get there. Fit visitors can enjoy the four kilometre walk into the caves. The return trip can be made by bus. Plans are under way to construct a golf course here too.

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